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Your spotlight on local services

Join our Committees

We're recruiting for new Healthwatch Committee members. Both roles are rewarding and vital to the effectiveness of our work

Healthwatch Committee

The Committee works to ensure that we find out the views and experiences of local people about health services and social care and use these to make recommendations about how local care could or should improve. Healthwatch Committee members provide oversight of our work but also support our engagement with local providers and commissioners through engaging with high profile committees and on decision making boards.

Within its membership the Healthwatch Committee is looking for two people who have knowledge and/or experience of health and social care.


Governance Committee

We're looking for two experts in HR, Governance or Recruitment to help us to oversee the way that we work as an organisation. Our Governance Committee Advises the Board on key decisions and takes an active role in helping us to make the right decisions about the:

  • Structure, size and composition of the Board of Trustees  (including the skills, knowledge and experience)
  • Recruitment and training of members of Board of Trustees and the Healthwatch Committee
  • Election of officers of the Board and of Healthwatch Committee
  • Procedures of the organisation and whether they are appropriate
  • Effectiveness of the organisation and the performance of individual Trustees and Committee Members.