Accessible formats of coronavirus guidance

We have compiled the latest government advice in accessible formats- Easy Read, British Sign Language and Large Print.

Easy Read

You can more help and information from Mencap, a charity working for those with a Learning Disability and their families.

Easy read Government advice from the 4 July will be updated as soon as possible.

Latest Government advice from Mencap
Stay at home: what to do if you or someone in your household has coronavirus symptoms
Update for those shielding
Advice about hand washing
NHS getting help when you need it

British Sign Language

Coronavirus Stay Alert update- changes for 4 July

Sign Health have produced BSL videos with up to date coronavirus advice from Government. 

All the videos can be accessed here

Large Print

The new changes to coronavirus restrictions (Stay Alert advice) has not yet been provided in large print format. This will be updated as soon as possible.

The stay home guidance from the Governement in large print is available for download. 

Stay home guidance from the Government- Large Print

Looking for further information about coronavirus?

We have brought together the latest information about coronavirus including how you can get involved and help your community, and how to help your wellbeing during these uncertain times. 

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