Updated: Protecting extremely vulnerable people

The information in this article should provide guidance for those who are extremely vulnerable to more severe illness from coronavirus. This information is the from the latest government guidance published on 13th October 2020.
timeline for guidance around shielding

Updated guidance for people who are clinically extremely vulnerable from COVID-19

The Government has publish updated guidance for everyone who has been identified as clinically extremely vulnerable to COVID-19.

The guidance: 

  • Replaces previous guidance

  • Provides advice based on the local COVID-19 alert.

  • Provides general advice that applies to all areas.

Clinically extremely vulnerable people in England will receive new guidance tailored to where they live.

Advice by Tier

  • For Local Covid Alert Level - MEDIUM: strictly observe social distancing, meet others outside where possible, limit unnecessary journeys on public transport and work from home where possible, but you can still go to work and children should still attend school. This is on top of restrictions for everyone to only meet in groups of up to six people.

  • For Local Covid Alert Level - HIGH: reduce the number of different people met outside, avoid travel except for essential journeys, work from home where possible and reduce the number of shopping trips made or go at quieter times of the day. You can still go to work if you cannot work from home because all workplaces should be Covid secure, and children should still attend school. This is on top of restrictions for everyone to not meet other households indoors, unless part of a support bubble, and to only meet in groups of up to six people outdoors.

What about shielding? 

Shielding advice will not automatically be triggered by an area going into Local Covid Alert Level: Very High, but will be considered as an additional intervention, agreed by ministers under advice from local public health experts and the Chief Medical Officer or DCMO. The Government will write to people in these areas if they are advised to adopt formal shielding again.

To find out more visit https://www.gov.uk/.../guidance-on-shielding-and...

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