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Your spotlight on local services

Major NHS changes (2016)

Huge shifts are taking place in the local NHS. You can respond to these changes.

Read about:

1. Richmond's own changes and how to make your voice heard. The Financial Recovery Plan (FRP) to save £20m includes significant reductions in access to surgery for cataracts, knee and hip replacements, bunions, grommets and more; and the proposed cessation of IVF in all but exceptional cases.

2. South west London changes that affect Richmond residents, and how to make your voice heard. The Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP), to save £900m across the region, includes discussion of a possible change in acute hospital services; a reduction in 'unnecessary' followup appointments; and a joining of mental and physical health.


Residents expressed passionate viewpoints to commissioners at a recent event we ran. (News report here )