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Your spotlight on local services

Teddington Memorial Hospital - Walk-in Centre

In May 2018, Healthwatch Richmond conducted four Enter & View visits to the Walk-in Centre at Teddington Memorial Hospital.

At the time of our visits, the service was operating under the title of ‘Walk-in Centre’. However, as of July 2nd 2018, the service provided by the Walk-in Centre was combined with the co-located extended hours GP service – the ‘GP Hub’ – and redefined as an ‘Urgent Treatment Centre’. Importantly, these changes do not invalidate the feedback we received as the walk-in element of the service is still operating as before.

Overall, it was clear that the Walk-in Centre is greatly valued by local patients. However busy the service, patients were consistently positive about staff and the care they provided. Nonetheless, feedback from patients highlighted a number of areas that could be improved, including: the triage process, communication with patients, signage for the Walk-in Centre and the children’s play area.

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