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Your spotlight on local services

What are the south west London changes that affect Richmond residents? How can I be heard?

Across south west London, commissioners have to save an additional £900 million to meet NHS budgets.

The 'STP' plan affects residents from the whole area, including Richmond, and features work to dramatically reduce the demand on acute hospital care - A&E, intensive care and specialist services - by expanding local community-based services.

Commissioners have stated that some other care, from the area's five acute hospital sites (which are St Georges, Kingston, Croydon, St Helier and Epsom), could be better delivered out of hospital and closer to the patient. There will be more analysis and discussion first. 

They also plan to better join mental and physical health, and improve the efficiency of outpatient follow-ups, among other large changes. Read the full STP plan online.


You can respond to these area-wide changes by filling out a future survey (we'll update you when this is open), and inviting NHS speakers to your group. We will shortly be providing a more detailed update on the STP plans and how they affect different areas of care (sign up to our bulletins to hear more)

To comment on south west London's changes write directly to SWLCCGs@swlondon.nhs.uk or call 020 8251 0591


To read about Richmond's own additional changes, click here