Coronavirus: Wellbeing for Teens

The Covid-19 pandemic is full of uncertainties and you may be asked by your school, college or workplace to stay at home for a period of time. It is now more important then ever that you look after yourself and your wellbeing. But how?
Find ways to stay well during isolation
We understand that this could be quite a daunting prospect, but try to think of this as a chance to live in a different way for a while. Think about what you might want to do during this time, how you will stay connected and how you would prioritise your wellbeing. Planning might help reduce any anxiety or troubling thoughts.
— Young Minds

Maintaining a daily routine is very important to feel a sense of normality. You can follow a daily schedule while adding some extra activities to make you feel calm:

  • Outdoors - Being in nature, whether it is your garden or a park, plays a very important role in keeping mentally and physically well.If you go out and exercise then you are reminded to urgently follow the latest medical advice on social distancing:
    • keep 2 metres apart from any person outside of your household at all times
    • You can meet one person from outside of your household outdoors. You cannot meet more than one person or visit friend's in their homes
    • Avoid really busy places or where you might have to touch surfaces
    • Only those with Covid-19 symptoms or those who should be self-isolating should not visit parks
    • Dispose of your waste responsibly
  • Exercise - There are many online resources for exercising at home. For example, Youtube channel. Gyms also regularly post usually useful ideas for keeping fit on  Instagram.
  • Read about the 5 ways to wellbeing!
  • Find more tips on Every Mind Matters and download their app.
  • Just enjoy yourself! Do what you like, be creative, learn new things,  read a book, watch tv, talk to friends…. follow Youth Out Loud! on Twitter and Instagram to get ideas every day. 

Feeling Stressed?

If the news about Coronavirus are making you feel stressed, concerned or anxious, remember that it's normal. There are some things you can do  to feel better:

Are you (or could you be) a young carer? 

If you are caring for someone who is vulnerable, there are some simple steps that you can take to protect them and to reduce their risk time, including practicing good handwashing and personal hygiene.
  • You can find out about different sources of support that could be used and access further advice at Carers UK.
  • Being a young carer can be hard work and it can make it more difficult to look after yourself, you may want to think about what activities may help you feel better. You can see some general advice on things you can do to stay well in “Looking after your wellbeing” part of the guidance.

You may also want to get some advice from:

  • Young Minds - provides advice about mental health for children and young people up to the age of 25. You can find tips, advice and guidance on where you can get support for your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The NHS

Looking for further information about coronavirus?

We have brought together the latest information about coronavirus including how you can get involved and help your community, and how to help your wellbeing during these uncertain times. 

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