Chief Officer- Mike Derry

Mike Derry joined Richmond Health Voices, a charity set up to run Healthwatch Richmond, as Chief Officer at its inception in July 2013. Previously he was Service Manager for Richmond LINk and in this role was responsible for its programme of extensive public involvement and research projects. Mike holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Charity Management from St Mary's University, is co-author of two social care research papers published in the Journal of Care and has years of experience in the NHS, social care and the charity sector.

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Our staff

Sara Rossi - Projects and Outreach Officer

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Sara joined Healthwatch in March 2019. Sara spent eight years working in Social Care, including adults and children services, whilst volunteering for the Talking Therapies. After achieving a Master in public health, Sara continues to seek building relationships with the public, the NHS and social care sectors to improve their service provision. Outside work Sara volunteers for the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital's arts team and is a keen crafter. Sara also rollerblades and collects rare or unusual teas.

Jessica Beeson - Projects and Outreach officer

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Jessica joined Healthwatch Richmond in March 2019. While completing a PhD in cardiovascular research Jessica developed an interest in engaging the public about health. During this time she also had experience sitting on committees and representing the unheard voice to make positive changes to improve wellbeing provision. Jessica has actively volunteered for almost three years and became passionate about working in the charity sector. Jessica is enthusiastic about the opportunity to be your local champion for NHS and social care.

Leslie Spatt - Administrator

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Our Enter & View Volunteers

Bernadette Lee, Penny Alexander, Bob Burgis, Carole Haskel, Sandra Hempel, Catherine Mann, Jan Marriott, Joy Wilk, Katherine Merrifield, Kathy Sheldon, Liz Grove, Perin Parri-Hughes, Peter Hughes, Rae McDonald, Sue Bonnell, Yvonne Lincoln, Yvonne Peel, Julie Risley, John Thompson, Batcho Notay, Paul Gilbert, Dugald Millar, Jane Keep, Caroline Snow, Kerry Godden, Glenna McCulloch, Bridget le Huray, Roger Kirkpatrick, Emma Maun .