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Your spotlight on local services

Care During Pregnancy (Antenatal Care)

What did we do?

Healthwatch Richmond gathered the views and experiences of women's care during pregnancy (antenatal care) through an online survey and face to face interviews. 

Over 100 women and families responded to our online and face to face surveys and we're crunching the numbers now. Women responding to our survey cam from accross the borough. Most had used Kingston Hospital (64%), or West Middlesex Hospital (21%) with 9% using Chelsea and Westminster and small numbers of people using other hospitals.

The information we gathered will be used to produce a report highlighting where services are working well and make recommendations to commissioners and providers of services about areas for improvement in antenatal maternity care at Kingston Hospital, West Middlesex Hospital and any other local hospitals.

What next?

The report will be availible in Summer 2018 as we need to give providers and commissioners time to reflect on the findings and respond to any recomendations that we made.

What did we find?

We haven't quite finished the data analysis yet so the final report might change and there's lots more to come! In the meantime here are some of the key points that we think will come out in the reports:

Almost 90% of respondents rated their care as good as ‘very good’ (49%) or ‘good’ (40%).

People talked about the the appointment system, good organisation and management, and facilities such as rooms and food.

  • ‘Appointments on time - saw consultant when worried.’
  • ‘A healthy baby! Stayed in for 5 days and had own room. Was kept informed about baby’s progress and given extra scans. Food was good.’
  • ‘After care was very good. No facilities for husband [e.g. camp bed so that he could stay with mum and baby] but stayed at side room arranged by the hospital. In hospital for 3 days after birth.’

They also spoke about the support they receved from knowledable, friendly, caring and positive nurses, midwives and doctors

  • ‘All antenatal and labour care good, midwives very supportive.’
  • ‘At West Mid the consultant and midwife were amazing and enabled me to make informed choices. I was able to have the independent midwife with me at the birth.’

Things that did not go well

Things that did not go well included organisation and management, location ofappointments, inconsistency with staff and late appointments:

  • ‘Organisational issues where the appointments were was not always clear. It would have been easier to go to see the midwives at Tangley Park CC, but not offered this and had to go to Teddington for appointments.’
  • ‘Lack of consultancy input. Different midwives. Clinic near home closed so had to travel to the hospital.’
  • ‘Had extra scans and this meant the midwives did not measure me as much. There was a lack of continuity from midwife to midwife, there were discrepancies between them.’

Look out for more updates in our Bulletins, Newsletters or through facebook and twitter.