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Your spotlight on local services

What we do

We gather the views of people about their needs and experiences of NHS and social care services and make those views known to commissioners and providers.

Actions and statements from Healthwatch Richmond (HWR) and its representatives are based on evidence of community views and experiences. We obtain these views through engaging with patients, professionals and the wider community, including those hard to reach. Our aim is to have a strong visual presence in the community and to make it easy for people to contact us when they have experiences to report.

We report patient experience to commissioners and providers and work with services to promote positive change for the community. 

We send regular information about our projects, how to get involved and our achievements in our Newsletter and Bulletins. 

We promote and support the involvement of people in monitoring, commissioning and provision of care.

Commissioners and providers recognise HWR as the partner of choice. As a result HWR has a presence on strategically important committees and bodies because:

  • Representatives of HWR are credible. They are able to demonstrate that their statements are based on evidence of community needs and views.
  • Clearly defined roles allow a wide range of community members and organisations to represent HWR in roles that make good use of their experience and networks.
  • Community members and organisations are better able to represent their own views directly to commissioners and providers because of the support and opportunities provided and effectively communicated by HWR.

We make reports and recommendations about how care could or should be improved.

HWR analyses data collected from patients, carers and the wider community. This is triangulated with existing data, as well as information from other sources, to identify priorities on which we base our project work.  Additionally, this generates intelligence about local health and social care services, commissioning and policies.

Our reports and recommendations lead to meaningful changes for those who use health and social care in and around Richmond. See our current work and past projects for more information. 

Signposting – We provide information and advice about accessing health and social care services and exercising choice in relation to those services.

People using the signposting service report high satisfaction because they experience a knowledgeable and effective service that provides them with access to the information they need. Other providers refer people to Healthwatch Richmond as appropriate because it provides a service that fits with local need, filling gaps in information provision without duplication.

Our phonelines are open Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm on 020 8099 5335. Alternatively, fill in our Contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

We work with Healthwatch England.

HWR represents the interests of local people by providing well evidenced reports of a high standard to Healthwatch England on issues where appropriate. Whether this relates to  national issues’, impact at a local level, or where there are serious quality or safety issues in local provision.