Share your experiences of care and support during the coronavirus pandemic

Help us understand how care and support services have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, how they are working for you and to how we can support meaningful improvements that matter to you.

Healthcare during Coronavirus

By sharing your experiences of NHS, social care and of finding information you needed, you can help support meaningful improvements to the things that matter to you as services recover from the crisis.

Share your experiences in confidence.

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Wellbeing during the Coronavirus

We want to know what you have found helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic and what help you still need. This will inform how support is provided in the future.

Completely confidential, any information provided will be used anonymously to help support our local community. 
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or call 020 8099 5335

Young People's Wellbeing during Coronavirus

To help organisations like the NHS and the Council to better support young people we want to know your experiences. We'll make sure that no one can tell who you are from the answers that you give.  Please spare five minutes to share your experiences of lockdown in our survey.

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Looking for further information about coronavirus?

We have brought together the latest information about coronavirus including how you can get involved and help your community, and how to help your wellbeing during these uncertain times. 

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