Is Richmond really headed for a coronavirus lockdown? What the data says

The lockdown in Leicester has prompted national reports of potential further local lockdowns, including in Richmond upon Thames, being "just days away". Richmond Council have described these reports as "scaremongering".

The number of cases in Richmond is actually low and, whilst this may change in the future and such reports are clearly concerning, it is important that people understand the local picture and can base their decisions on evidence.

People, particularly those who feel most at risk from the virus, have told us that worries about catching coronavirus are impacting on whether they choose to get help from the NHS, social care or the community when they need it, as well as whether to see loved ones or keep active and healthy. These are all vital to people’s quality of life, health and wellbeing and it is important that people have the evidence and local picture for Richmond to inform their decisions.
— Mike Derry, Chief Officer, Healthwatch Richmond

Richmond Council's free data resource (DataRich) shows that in the week to 29th June there were 2 coronavirus cases in Richmond. As the data is updated on a daily basis you can track local cases here. 

Despite reports in the national papers, Richmond is not about to go into another lockdown. It is grossly irresponsible of the Daily Express to publish a report without double checking their information first. However, it would be naive to suggest that we haven’t got any local cases – but compared to elsewhere in the country, our numbers are low. We want to rid our borough of coronavirus – and we can only do this if residents play their part.
— Cllr Piers Allen, Chair of the Adult Social Care and Housing Committee, and Chair of the Richmond Health and Wellbeing Board

It is important that residents understand that whilst the current number of cases in the borough is low, the risk of coronavirus has not gone away.

To keep the spread of coronavirus down and reduce the risks of a lockdown in Richmond in the future it’s vital that we all play our part.

People should continue to follow advice about reducing the risk and self-isolate and get tested if they’re unwell.

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