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Your spotlight on local services

Lavender Ward update: Summer 2018


Lavender Ward at Queen Mary’s Hospital is a mixed-sex ward for people aged 18-65 experiencing an episode of severe mental illness. We made three visits between July and August 2017 using our powers of Enter & View and returned in February 2018 to review progress against our recommendations.

Patients told us that they experienced compassionate and responsive care that was appropriate to their needs. However limited therapeutic activities, both in number and variety, greatly undermined their experience as patients. From these findings, we produced a list of 19 recommendations including improving ward activities.

During our follow-up visit, it was clear from patient feedback and ward documentation that the Trust had implemented many of our recommendations and was making progress against most of the others. Importantly, the number of patient activities during the week had increased dramatically due to more staff being trained to run activities and new recreational equipment being purchased to increase the range of activities available. Patients gave positive feedback recognising the improvements that had been made.

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