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Your spotlight on local services

Mary Seacole Ward, Queen Mary's Hospital - Enter & view report


We have published a report into the Mary Seacole elderly rehabilitation ward at Queen Mary's Hospital in Roehampton.

The report was part of series of Enter & View visits to assess local care and is based on a November 2016 visit by three volunteers and two staff members from Healthwatch Richmond, and a volunteer from Healthwatch Wandsworth.

For each Enter & View visit, Healthwatch Richmond uses its statutory powers to visit wards, talk to patients, relatives and staff, and request information, so it can make recommendations for improvement.

The report finds that the care on the day of visit was of a high standard. The cooperation and assistance from staff on the ward was notable.

The visit was a follow up to another Enter & View visit conducted some seven months before (the previous report is here). The initial view was prompted by a number of important care concerns we had been made aware of.

On our most recent visit we concentrated on assessing the following specific areas: care planning and patient participation, discharge processes, and ward activities. 

Overall, the Enter & View team found patients and their relatives were being engaged in care planning, with the majority feeling fully involved.

Patients seemed aware of the process involving discharge, as well as of the importance of home visits in facilitating it.

Ward based activities were very good, and much effort was being made to provide a range of activities to appeal to a wide number of patients. However, some patients were unable or unwilling to participate.

Healthwatch Richmond has requested follow up information in six months on patient referral numbers and the resulting impact on service delivery; initiatives for activity engagement; new care planning documentation; discharge procedures; and training and ward round changes.

Separately, Healthwatch Richmond has also visited the Gwynne Holford neuro rehabilitation ward at Queen Mary’s Hospital (see here).

To read our full report click here.