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Your spotlight on local services

Progress on youth emotional wellbeing


Key stakeholders in young people’s emotional wellbeing met in November at a Healthwatch Richmond and Kingston event.

As we launched our ‘Improving emotional wellbeing for young people’ report, they discussed the desired outcomes for schools and local mental health services.

Our report finds that local young people who access support services have emotional wellbeing levels on a par with those who have never needed to seek help.

The report lists recommendations including better promotion of services and addressing stigma. Stakeholders’ other desired outcomes include for young people to play a key role in shaping and promoting the services, and for schools to have lunch time drop-in appointments with nurses.

Healthwatch Richmond and Healthwatch Kingston are meeting with senior decision makers to investigate the next steps that will deliver the report's recommendations as well as stakeholders' additional desired outcomes.

To read our report and the full recommendations, click here or call us on 020 8099 5335.