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Your spotlight on local services

Recovery and Support Team


The Recovery and Support Team provides ongoing support for people with complex mental health needs and is run by South West London & St George's NHS Trust. 

Overall, from most patients and carers it was clear that the team are working hard to provide a good service. However, only 50% of current patients were presently satisfied, high staff turnover in doctors and nurses made their care feel fragmented and impeded their ability to build up a relationship with the team.

There have also been longstanding difficulties with contacting the team due to the current structure of the Trust's central contact centre. We understand that this is now under review and that the Trust has already invested considerable funds to rectifying the issues raised by patients and carers. 

Finally, we identified a desire from most patients to see therapy being utilised fully in their recovery work. Long waits for therapy within the team are prevalent, this may suggest the Trust needs to look to alternative routes such as introducing group therapy sessions to deliver this sustainably, and making use of resources currently available to the team.