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Your spotlight on local services

Residential Care: Conclusions


Over the last 3 years Healthwatch Richmond has made 26 visits to 17 of the 19 homes operating in the borough.

This was a hugely positive experience. Homes welcomed our visits and let us observe how they go about caring for their residents.

Residents, relatives and staff have all expressed their views to us and we've reflected these views and experiences along with our own observations in our 22 published reports.

As a result of our work, a number of improvements have been made including homes making stairs safer, improving menus, improving communication with residents and relatives. On some occasions our work has even led to other agencies such as the care quality commission becoming involved.

What is most striking across all of our visits however has not been the improvements that we've seen but the care that we have witnessed. Care staff have been genuinely compassionate, relationships between staff and residents warm and caring. Feedback from residents has been positive and it is clear that Richmond's care homes provide a vital and valued service to their residents. The CQC ratings for local providers support this too.

On occasion we've identified problems that residential care face themselves. Homes are supporting people for longer and with higher care needs. The need for integration with the NHS is increasing, both to keep people well and out of hospital and to ensure that admission and discharge are as smooth as possible.

All of our reports are publicly available CLICK HERE.

We're very grateful to our staff (Bernadette and Keisha), our excellent volunteers and the support of all of Richmond's care homes for their support in our work.