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Your spotlight on local services

West Middlesex University Hospital - Adult inpatient wards


In October 2018, Healthwatch Richmond conducted a series of Enter & View visits to the adult inpatient wards at West Middlesex University Hospital. In total, we gathered usable feedback from over 100 patients and/or their relatives. We were also able to speak with 27 different members of staff in a variety of different roles.

Patients were generally very happy with the care they had received and staff were widely praised for their friendly approach. We repeatedly observed staff working hard to provide a kind, caring and professional service in all the wards we visited.

The majority of poor care we encountered took place in the Marble Hill 1 ward. In this particular ward, there were a concerning volume of issues spanning different areas of care. We also received extremely mixed feedback from patients about the quality and choice of food on offer.

We were encouraged by the consistently positive feedback from staff about the teams they worked in. However, we were concerned by the number of staff who referred to issues around staffing and the pressures this places them under.

To access the full report, please click here.

To access a shorter summary of the report, please click here.