Impact of Covid-19 and Inequalities

We were asked to contribute to an equalities focused Impact of Covid-19 review by HEAR Equality and Human Rights Network. Read the full report, attached below.

Scope of this work 

Since the pandemic began around a year ago we have collected detailed, largely
qualitative experiences from around 2,500 people in Richmond, through a wide range of methods. Some of these were semi-structured and person-led in nature, others were highly structured and focused on emerging issues or areas of concern, and some were unsolicited comments gained from broad outreach and from people contacting us.  As a result of this broad approach, we have confidence that these findings represent a reasonable understanding of the range of issues facing our community, and in some areas we have very detailed information about the scale and impacts of these issues.

Key Findings

Our work identified particular inequalities relating to:

  • digital access and digital services,
  • caring roles,
  • living alone,
  • people living alone,
  • access for those shielding or with perceived high risks from the virus,
  • young people,
  • financial exclusion,
  • Maternity care,
  • The LGBTQ+ Community,
  • Challenges for the Black and Minority Community,
  • Challenges for people with English as an additional language or with lower literacy, which intersects with other difficulties.


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