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We have the power to enter the premises of any provider of health or social care and view how care is provided. We carefully recruit and train volunteers for this purpose. They are called Enter and View authorised representatives.

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Why did you become an Enter and View volunteer?

Rae: I first heard of Healthwatch in a Mulberry Centre newsletter. Enter & View visits sounded an interesting project so I arranged an interview. I felt I had the right experience, having worked in Community Partnerships for GlaxoSmithKline, and in my personal life having been prime carer to both my parents. I felt that with some training I would be able to undertake these visits.

Yvonne: My mother had received very poor care at a local hospital - I had been quite unable to improve her situation. I was not keen on sitting on committees, but Healthwatch Richmond offered training in 'Enter and View' and this was just what I felt I could do.

What do you do for Healthwatch Richmond?

Rae: I’ve visited three residential care homes and one hospital ward - talking to the residents or patients, staff and visitors - to find out how they work and how well cared for residents are. Although the organisations vary, they all have the same responsibility to patients. After our visit, each Enter & View member writes up their findings and these are incorporated into the final report.

Yvonne: Mainly 'Enter and View' visits. I have visited home including Laurel Dene, Dalemead, and Brinsworth House. 

What would you say to someone thinking of volunteering?

Rae: If you like talking to people and care about the wellbeing of care home residents or hospital patients, then you’ll find working as part of the team very rewarding. Our feedback and reports are valued and treated with respect which makes me feel I am part of a very worthwhile organisation.

Yvonne: Give it a go! If you are concerned about the quality of health provision in Richmond and have experience of it - good or bad - then join Healthwatch Richmond. Your voice is important. We should be able to make a difference... the opportunity is there!

We want to thank our volunteers for the wonderful work they do, and for the commitment and expertise they bring to the role of Enter and View authorised representative.

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