HealthTalk the Podcast Episode 1: What support can carers expect from Kingston Hospital?

Listen to the first episode of our new podcast series below.

Episode 1: What support can carers expect from Kingston Hospital?

Hosted by: Sara (Healthwatch Richmond)

Special guest: Olivia Frimpong (Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust)

Release date: 19th February 2021

If you look after someone who needs support because of an illness or disability, whether you or they are an adult or a child, you could be considered a carer. The Adult Social Care team can advise, guide and support you. For an assessment of your needs, call 020 8891 7971 or visit

If you have further questions you can contact Kingston Hospital PALS by calling 020 8934 3993 or emailing Check what are your rights as a carer here and for further adult and young carers' support, please contact:


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