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Your spotlight on local services

Kingston Hospital Emergency Department


At the beginning of March 2018, we conducted three Enter & View visits to the Emergency Department at Kingston Hospital. Our aim was to find out whether the Emergency Department was meeting the needs of its patients and, if appropriate, to make recommendations about how the service may be improved.  

In total, we gathered feedback from 80 people: 61 patients and 19 family members, friends and carers. Despite the lengthy delays that patients could face, the department appeared to be well run and working hard to meet the ever increasing demands that it is under. We were encouraged by the large number of positive comments that patients made about staff in the department. Staff were clearly working hard to provide thoughtful and professional care to their patients.

We were impressed with the overall cleanliness and appearance of the department, particularly in the recently renovated Majors and Resuscitation areas. We did however have some concerns regarding the consistency of food and drink provision to patients facing lengthy stays in Majors. We also encountered a few issues around the provision of personal care, although there was no evidence to suggest that these were recurrent in nature.

Our visits highlighted that staff were not always clearly explaining to patients what was going to happen next, especially during the triage process. Alongside this, there was definite scope for widening the array of information resources available to patients. Our visits also underlined the difficulties faced by patients with mental health conditions who have to wait a long time before being assessed.

Overall, we were impressed with the service being provided and recognise the efforts that the Hospital are making to improve the facilities and care being delivered.

Click here to see our full report.