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Your spotlight on local services

Our Work Plan for 2018/19


Based on the review of patient experience, our understanding of local and national priorities, the work of key stakeholders and data sources such as public health, we set the following priorities for our work in 2018/19:

Adult Mental Health

As part of our review of Adult Mental Health care we will collect people’s experiences thorough Enter & View, surveys and interviews with patients, relatives/carers and staff of:

  1. Richmond Wellbeing Service
  2. Community Mental Health Teams
  3. Crisis and Home Treatment Team
  4. Adult Mental Health Social Services

Antenatal Care

We began reviewing people’s experiences of Antenatal care in 2017/18 and will conclude this work with a report in 2018. Over 100 women and families responded to our online and face to face surveys.

Read more abut this project CLICK HERE

Urgent and Emergency Care

Through a series of Enter & View visits we will review urgent and emergency care at

  1. Kingston Hospital
  2. Teddington Memorial Hospital
  3. West Middlesex Hospital

We’ll also watch developments at the following and consider how to incorporate them into the scope of this work:

  1. Urgent Treatment Centre at Teddington Memorial Hospital
  2. Urgent care as part of the proposed Richmond Primary Care Centre
  3. Developments at the Minor Injuries Centre at Queen Mary’s Roehampton

Inpatient care

Through Enter & View visits we’ll review patient experiences of inpatient care, with a particular interest in elderly care, at:

  1. Kingston Hospital
  2. West Middlesex Hospital