GP Forum report - 2014

Getting better access to a GP appointment, both physically and at a suitable time, was the biggest source of frustration and dissatisfaction for patients in Richmond Borough according to our General Practice report in 2014.
Patient having their blood pressure taken by their GP

On 23rd January 2014, almost 100 people including members of the public from across the borough and stakeholders from 20 organisations joined Healthwatch Richmond to discuss General Practice.

The event began with presentations from the Local Medical Council about changes being driven by the new CP Contract, from NHS England about their Call to Action for General Practice, and from Healthwatch Richmond about the local picture of care. You can find the full presentations here:

Round table discussion groups were facilitated and scribed by volunteers and answered the questions:

  1. What’s good or bad about getting an appointment at your GP practice?
  2. Thinking about your experience of the service offered at your GP Practice, what things could your Practice improve? What does your Practices do well?

We received a huge amount of feedback from the discussions. A couple of initial headlines include:


  • A need for more communication and the feeling of a lack of clarity and confusion surrounding where to go other than a GP surgery
  • The need for flexibility at all stages
  • Waiting times and getting through on the phone
  • Emergency appointments
  • Issues around good and bad practice with reception staff


  • Seeing the same Doctor is a priority.
  • An increase in nursing led care wanted
  • Shortage of time in appointments and patients wishing to be more involved in their care
  • People want signposting to other charities and walk-in centres
  • Good practice surrounding mental health care


GP Project Report 2014
GP Project Executive Summary 2014

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