Woodlawn Medical Centre: GP Project

We conducted Enter and View visits to Woodlawn Medical Centre, this was part of the wider GP project undertaken to identify both positive areas of practice and areas for improvement.
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Woodlawn Medical Centre is located in Whitton and has a sister practice, Oak Lane, in Twickenham. While the practices share a patient list, Woodlawn serves around 3000+ patients, where Oak Lane serves around 800 patients. Between the two practices, there is one practice manager, one medical secretary, seven receptionists, two nurses, one healthcare assistant, one IT support person, two cleaners and five doctors (three full time, two part time, one locum).


  • There was insufficient signage with no sign for the toilets, no sign indicating opening hours or staff names/information. We recommended signage be improved. 
  • NHS Direct (this service closed on the 31st March 2013) was still being inappropriately advertised in the surgery. We recommended that the practice provide patients with information on accessing Out of Hours services as a matter of urgency. 
  • The waiting room was very small and concern was raised about the privacy at the Woodlawn reception area, with receptionists can frequently be overheard by patients. We recommended the practice take steps to improve patient confidentiality at reception
  • The experience of booking appointments was very mixed, with some patients getting appointments relatively easy, and others had to wait up to two weeks
  • Staff at the practice were seen as one of the most positive aspects of the service with staff offering patients a personal approach.Reception staff created a friendly and jovial atmosphere for patients
  • Patients had confidence in the medical staff: they felt that clinicians had the skills needed and patients felt comfortable discussing anything with them
  • Patients felt that they were always involved in their care and that they understood the treatments offered
  • Problems were reported regarding prescriptions at Woodlawn and Oak Lane suggesting that the way prescriptions are managed across both practices needs improving

You may also wish to read the report of the sister practice, Oak Lane Medical Centre.

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For further information please read our full report on Woodlawn Medical Centre available below.

Full Report

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