Richmond Green Medical Centre: GP Project

We conducted Enter and View visits to Richmond Green Medical Centre, this was part of the wider GP project undertaken to identify both positive areas of practice and areas for improvement.
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Richmond Green Medical Centre is located on The Green in Richmond and has a total of 2,083 patients registered. The practice has one practice manager, two doctors, one healthcare assistant, one practice nurse and three receptionists.


  • Patients are highly satisfied with their experience of Richmond Green Medical Centre, with many reporting that the best thing about the practice was the staff
  • There was a small patient population that meant staff knew patients very well and was able to help them more appropriately
  • We recommended that the practice should consider providing information in other languages, or promoting the option for information in other languages, as well as the translation service
  • Patients felt that they could always get an appointment when they wanted one with the GP of their choice
  • Patients were unaware of the existence of the online booking system and we observed no communication about this on the practice website, leaflet or indeed inside the practice.


For further information please read our full report available below. 

Full Report

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