Richmond Wellbeing Service Review

Between March - May 2018, we heard from over 100 people about their views and experiences of the Richmond Wellbeing Service which provides free NHS psychological therapies for common mental health problems.

Our report on the Richmond Wellbeing Service is part of our wider programme of work in mental health.

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We found that for most people, the Richmond Wellbeing Service provided high-quality therapy that was in line with NICE recommendations for their needs.


What works

  • People praised the ability of staff to pace sessions appropriately and create supportive conditions to share their experiences
  • People with long term conditions particularly praised the service for designing a specific course to help them cope with the concerns that come from living with a long term conditions


The main issues that people encountered were related to:

  • access,
  • limited upfront information about how the service runs and
  • being triaged to the right level or type of treatment.

The service provider, East London Foundation Trust have already started taking constructive steps in response to the recommendations that we put forward.


Richmond Wellbeing Service Report
Richmond Wellbeing Service SUMMARY Report

What do people say about mental health services in Richmond?

We are reviewing all the mental health services available in the borough in response to people telling us that they experience difficulties with them. Take a look at what they told us. 

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