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Your spotlight on local services

Reviewing Adult Mental Health Care 2018/19

Mental health remains an area of priority for Healthwatch Richmond going into 2018/19. It is evident from our work with patient groups and emerging trends in our patient experience database that people are experiencing difficulties with accessing care and in some cases experience poor quality of care in inpatient and community mental health services. Given the current challenges services face from rising demand and stretched funding, there is a strong imperative to review these services in more depth and raise any gaps in care to service providers and commisioners as well as higlighting areas of good practice.  

So far we have visited Lavender Ward at Queen Mary's Hospital, Roehampton; Richmond Home Treatment Team; Richmond & Kingston Early Intervention Service and the Richmond Wellbeing Service. A review of the recovery & support team (community mental health team) will be published soon. 

Recovery and Support Team

The Recovery and Support Team provides ongoing support for people with complex mental health needs and is run by South West London & St George's NHS Trust. In January and February 2019 we spoke to 55 people about their experiences of care, including 39 patients and 16 carers. A full report will be available later in 2019 but you can read a summary of the work here

Richmond Home Treatment Team

In November 2018, we heard from 13 current patients, 5 past patients, 13 carers and 10 staff about their experiences of the Richmond Home Treatment Team. The team provides assessment and intensive support for people who are having an acute mental health crisis. It also 'gatekeeps' which means preventing unnecessary hospitalisations and reducing the length of inpatient stays. This service is run by South West London and St Georges' NHS Trust. 

You can find out what patients thought of their support here 

Richmond Wellbeing Service

Between March - May 2018, Healthwatch Richmond heard from over 100 people about their views and experiences of the Richmond Wellbeing Service which is delivered in partnership by Richmond Mind and East London Foundation Trust. The Richmond Wellbeing Service provides free NHS psychological therapies for common mental health problems and living with a long term physical health condition.

You can find out what people said about their care here.

Richmond & Kingston Early Intervention Service

In January 2018, Healthwatch Richmond surveyed patients and staff in the Richmond & Kingston Early Intervention Service (EIS) which is run by South West London & St Georges’ NHS Trust (SWLstG). The EIS provides medication management and psychological therapies to patients and their families for people (18 - 65) who are experiencing their first episode of psychosis. You can read more about our findings and access our full report here.

Lavender Ward 

Lavender Ward is an acute admissions and treatment unit for adults (18-65) experiencing a severe episode of mental illness. During our visits in July & August 2017, we spoke to patients and staff about their views and experiences of Lavender Ward. We also observed patient care and physical aspects of the ward environment.

We then returned to Lavender Ward in February 2018 to see what steps the service provider had taken in response to our report recommendations. 

You can read more about our visits and access our full reports here.

Do you have any experiences of mental health care you'd like to share with us? We'd love to hear from you! Contact us!